Monday, August 1, 2011

August is the month to commit

All of August

Cecilia will only be scheduling traditional healings for the month of August.

You have the opportunity to take the next step in your forward motion and travel to your community leader for a traditional spirit healing.

Traditionally, the action of going to your community leader was the first step in your process and your medicine person worked with that as a starting point. While preparing medicine for your healing, Cecilia will pray, praying invites God's participation in the healing of your spirit, then she connects with your energy so that you can see what you need to see.

You will receive answers, have visions and feel balanced... and you are given the medicine, tools and personal advice to carry that forward.

Being happy, centered and in touch with your spirit is central to your health.

Right now the weather is nice, it's safe to travel and rates are favorable for staying a couple of days.

For the most benefit, Cecilia recommends that you attend a workshop or at least meet her before you schedule a traditional healding - Cecilia is available in Long Beach at the end of July to meet, talk with, pick up some medicine and introduce yourself.