Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forward Motion

I receive a spiritual message from time to time reminding me of my responsibilities and that class isn't over. I can still feel Cecilia as strong as before and her messages are clear. The more I practice and stay with the medicine, the stronger her presence is with me. I have been in touch with some of her community over the past year and several of us have talked about creating something that we can contribute to and share what we have learned to keep the energy flowing.

I sent a message out to Cecilia's community seeking participation in sharing lessons, experiences, stories and photos of Cecilia, her medicine and her work. If there are gatherings, activities, events, hikes, classes or anything that are appropriate, they can be posted here as well by emailing

Cecilia gave all of us exactly what we needed at the time and all of our experiences are deeply personal and wildly different, but her lessons were the same. In her energy we felt our own natural rhythm, balance and everything made sense... then she gave us the lessons and tools to stay with it.

I remember one of the very first stories she told me, it was about the Antelope. She told me that they are very good at handling an emergency and are able to act in the moment... and, when the emergency was over, they went back to hanging out and eating grass, or doing whatever Antelope do. The point she was making was that after the emergency Antelope go back to their natural rhythm and calm energy. Living in the stress state is unhealthy and becomes a block for natural order. She taught me to be more like the Antelope.

All of her analogies were simple lessons on how to live my busy modern life with common sense and go about with a good attitude while caring for myself. I hope all of her students are being more like the Antelope, Coyote, Deer or whatever it was she passed on to you.

If anyone sends something, I will publish it here so there is a resource of her native lessons. Her knowledge is left with us and we can share what we learned.

All my best,

 ~ Brad