Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quotes from Cecilia's Community

"tell your story and pass on her knowledge..."

"The world had so much to learn from Cecilia."

"I am filled with appreciation for her and her love of this earth"

"she was a blessing to all who knew her"

"Cecilia believed that, when her transition is complete, she will be passing her gifts on to those who truly did  'get it'  and have the courage to carry on the work."

"When we have done all the work we were sent to do,
we are allowed to shed our bodies,
which imprison our soul like a cocoon encloses the butterfly
and when the time is right we can let go of it.
Then we will be free of pain, free of fears and free of worries –
free as a beautiful butterfly returning home to God...."

"Cecilia was a real leader"

"She was the real deal"

"Cecelia was quite a character!"

"She changed my life"

"I was very fortunate to have known Cecilia and to consider her a great inspiration not only as a spiritual guide, but as an inspiring human being, that always told you the truth even when you didn't want to see it, because the truth hurt's. She made you seek the beauty that is nature and inspired me to learn and to acknowledge my own ancestry and the knowledge and wisdom that our herbs and plants bring. I cannot tell you enough, what a great loss this is. She made me want to be a better human being, our talks about our respective fathers were the most in depth moments, I still can recall seating outside in the enclosed garden, it was a beautiful day, the eagles were circling around us, we cried, we laughed, we let them go, I mean we let go of the pain and the joy. She was at her best teaching people, about her art, whether it was showing a group how to dance, how to make the sticks and paint them, what it symbolized, how to prepare the medicinal headbands, how to drink the water with one leaf of sage, or how she expertly described each property that a plant had and how she intertwined a story from her grandmother's teachings or how she described how difficult it had been for her to grow in the United States and how here grandmother sent her away to protect her."

A Poem to Cecilia

My dear friend Cecilia Garcia

When a teacher dies,
a caring friend has left us to learn more on our own.
When a teacher dies,
a caring friend has left a key to knowledge for us to find.

Teachers are true friends for they want us to improve our lives.
Teachers are beautiful for this selfless desire.
Teachers are true friends for they want to better our lives.
Teachers’ selfless desires make us more beautiful.

As those who have passed,
We still live with them.
No one really dies- it is an illusion,
They live certainly within us.

We will miss the company we are used to,
But we can get used to the new company they provide with their spirit.
It is the change of the yang to the yin,
It is the beauty of the yin that we truly miss.

-J. Snowiss

Diligence prevents a stale emptiness.
Patience teaches endurance.
Quitting breaks the walls of will.
And every ending has a new road around the corner.
(Filling the Void, a poem by yours truly)