Private Healing

A private healing is much more than just the time that you’re with Cecilia, she is setting up the medicine for you to take home after your healing. In the privacy of your own home, you’re going to do the same thing for 4 more nights. When you come to Cecilia for a private healing you are making a commitment to yourself, and you demonstrate that for the next 4 nights. No one learns anything in one specific time, and people have to see things. Four days is symbolic of seeing things through for four different seasons, and having time to actually grasp the medicine. In traditional healings you come to a medicine person and they would lay you under a certain plant and leave you for a couple of days to cleanse you. So in the same respectful manner, fasting from meat one-week prior would make it most effective. You have to bring a large pot that can hold a gallon of water. Leave all jewelry, piercing or metals at home.

In traditional medicine, you don’t talk; you come to listen. You listen to your own spirit for direct messages and guidance from your higher power. All you do is be quiet and untangle yourself, so that you can get to where you need to be, to actually be happy. It’s not a talking session where you tell somebody your problems; you get to experience your natural energy void of any illusions. Continuing with the medicine brings the end to something and is the beginning of something else - you receive a fresh start. Some people call it a rebirthing process, in more subtle terms, it’s like an energy roto rooter and anything blocking something good is pushed out. You tap into your spirit.

Cecilia will prepare medicine for you during your healing and you will lie on a massage table and she will massage your head and your hands. The head is massaged to pull out whatever’s in the way, removing the unnecessary clutter that forms in your head that limits you from positive action. The hands are massaged to start correcting your body through pressure points. This is why a healing takes about three hours.

Private healings or private group healings are scheduled by appointment, you can email firepithome(at) You can create a group and Cecilia can come to your home and work on your family and friends at the same place. You can RSVP for any private healing dates on this blog, or inquire about setting your own date for a group healing by emailing Cecilia.

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  1. My son's father and I went to Cecilia, who did a healing on our son, using us as a mirror, since our son couldn't come. Her medicine was powerful and grounding. We changed our lives after that healing, moving back together after over 30 years apart, so we could be there as parents for our son. This came directly from Cecilia's medicine. Now, 6 years later, our son is profoundly more healthy. We are now facing another hurdle, which is why I looked Cecilia up online. I was hoping we could have another healing, but it appears from postings on this site that Cecilia is no longer in her physical body. I wish she were. She had powerful medicine, which she administered very gently.