Plant Walks and Medicinal Hikes

Cecilia offers a hands on environment to learn about, or use medicinal plants. These are two ways you can help yourself, and they're available whenever you want.

Plant Walks

This is an outdoor, hands on, informal workshop on local plants and wildlife. Information is passed on a trail walking with Cecilia and sometimes Jim Adams PhD, co-author of Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West. This is where you come to be introduced to native medicinal plants and how it is used medicinally and how it is part of the Chumash culture. Jim is a pharmacology researcher as well as a plant identification and nomenclature expert, he explains the pharmaceutical and scientific data supporting their medicinal effects.

The format of a plant walk is unstructured, local plants will be discussed as they are found while walking. Cecilia always speaks up about the medicinal value of each plant and how it can be used to treat illness and diseases. As you walk along the trail, you will learn how to treat diabetes, common colds, flu, woman's problems, depression, cancer (the list goes on and on), as well as the Cultural and Spiritual aspect of each plant.

Medicinal Hikes

This is a commitment to yourself and it is a healing. A traditional hike is when the medicine woman takes people from her community on a walk. This is a personal experience and depending on what you need, she will work with you and the plants and show you how to feel the medicine. Each person would have a different experience. You will be healed and Cecilia will show you the tools you need to continue with forward motion and be happy. This requires the commitment of your entire day. You probably won't spend the entire day on the hike, but in order to grasp the medicine, you need to take the rest of the day for yourself.

You can create a hike

Get your friends together and schedule your own day, then coordinate the date/time with Cecilia. She is making herself available and offering her knowledge to anyone that wants to learn more about Healing with Medicinal Plants. Groups of 4 or more recommended.